Almave Ámbar

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Almave Ámbar has an amber color, with sweetness and body from natural agave, resulting in a non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit worthy of sipping, or mixed in spirit forward cocktails.


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Almave Blanco

Almave Blanco


Original Price

Almave Ámbar is the perfect choice for those who appreciate depth and complexity.

Toast to any occasion, or put your mixology skills to use without compromise.


Deep amber hue


Rich and complex with notes of cooked agave, such as caramel and vanilla


Notes of brown sugar, toasted wood and allspice with subtle hints of cacao. Balanced with agave, acidity, subtle sharpness and a touch of bitterness.


Sip neat or over a large ice cube, or in an Ámbar Old Fashioned.

Almave’s authentic taste comes from the coveted Blue Agave plants from the highlands of Los Altos, Jalisco.

Drawing on 20+ years of tequila-making experience, our Master Distiller and team artfully created a spirit perfect for sipping or mixed in spirit-forward cocktails.

Asked Questions

What is Almave?

Almave is the first super-premium non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit, made in Mexico, closely following traditional tequila distillation techniques.

Is Almave a Tequila?

Almave follows a similar process to tequila, however, we skip the fermentation process in which distillate becomes alcohol. Almave allows you to experience the most authentic taste and quality of Blue Agave, without the alcohol.

How do I drink Almave?

Drink Almave like you would tequila or mezcal. Best sipped on ice or mixed in place of any traditional tequila cocktail. Discover more on our recipes page.

Does Almave contain any alcohol?

Almave is a <0.5% ABV non-alcoholic spirit.

Is Almave certified vegan?


What ingredients are in Almave Ámbar?

Blue agave hydrolate, water, concentrated blue agave extract, glycerol, agave syrup, apple cider vinegar, French oak hydrolate, natural aromas, citric acid, malic acid, oak tannins, salt, natural glycolipids.

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