Almave Blanco

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Almave Blanco captures the natural balance between the sweetness, herbaceousness, and acidity to create a character-filled non-alcoholic spirit. The result is a complex expression of pure blue agave flavor. Perfect for mixing in a margarita or your favorite tequila cocktail.


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Almave Ámbar

Almave Ámbar


Original Price

Almave Blanco pays tribute to tequila blanco’s uninhibited versatility.

For those nights off or when you are in between drinks, Almave Blanco is the superior non-alcoholic spirit to mix in your go-to cocktails.


Clear, with a light body


Fresh agave, fruity green vegetal aroma


Bright fresh agave, with a hint of minerality and spice. Balanced with agave, acidity, subtle sharpness and a touch of bitterness.


Mix in your favorite cocktail as you would tequila or mezcal.

Almave’s authentic taste comes from the coveted blue agave plants from the highlands of Los Altos, Jalisco.

Drawing on 20+ years of tequila-making experience, our Master Distiller and team artfully created the purest expression of Blue Agave in a non-alcoholic form, full of balance and crisp versatility.

Asked Questions

What is Almave?

Almave is the first super-premium non-alcoholic Blue Agave spirit, made in Mexico, closely following traditional tequila distillation techniques.

Is Almave a Tequila?

Almave follows a similar process to tequila, however, we skip the fermentation process in which distillate becomes alcohol. Almave allows you to experience the most authentic taste and quality of Blue Agave, without the alcohol.

How do I drink Almave?

Drink Almave like you would tequila or mezcal. Best sipped on ice or mixed in place of any traditional tequila cocktail. Discover more on our recipes page.

Does Almave contain any alcohol?

Almave is a <0.5% ABV non-alcoholic spirit. 

Is Almave certified vegan?


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